Programs and Missions

Rome First supports a number of programs. This is a small list of those:

Camping and Retreats

Casowasco, on Owasco Lake, and Aldersgate, at Brantingham Lake, provide beautiful, wooded settings for summer camping and year-round retreats and conferences.

Christian Education:

Sunday School
Vacation Bible School

Church Housed Programs:

Girl Scouts
Boy Scouts
AARP: 3rd Wednesday of the month, September - May 1:30 P.M.
AA and Al-Anon: Every Tuesday, year round 8:00 P.M.






Church World Service walk
to stamp out hunger


Local:  Pantry Project
           Saturday's Bounty
          Food $en$e

National:  Red Bird Mission
                Cookson Hills

Uganda:      Nexus Seminary
                   Hope Nursery/Primary School
                   Blessed Junior School
Costa Rica:  Methodist School of San Carlos

Music Programs



Youth Choirs

Chancel Choir

Canticle Ringers (adult handbell)   

Praise Choir


United Methodist Women

Action Chain A group of volunteers is on call, ready to give assistance in such areas as transportation, laundry, household chores, meal preparation, child care, budgeting, and other similar needs. Volunteers have also done reassurance telephoning and advocacy. To become a "link" in the chain, call Ellie Collins.

Sew Blest:  This group meets weekly for Bible study, fellowship and to sew a variety of items such as Bible covers for Nexus Seminary graduates, baby layettes, children's clothing.



Christian Women's Book Club: This group meets monthly to discuss a selected book they have read.   

Adult Classes: Biblical, seasonal, and special interest study groups are offered on a short-term basis throughout the year.