Membership & Evangelism Committee

This very active committee of eleven people work tirelessly to support our congregation and welcome our guests. Some of our energy is concentrated on the following:

  • We welcome volunteers to help with our monthly free lunch offered to the public on the last Saturday of each month September through June.
  • Weekly bulletins are sent to our elderly shut-ins, and periodically personal visits are conducted with our shut ins.
  • The 10:45 am service is tape recorded and can be viewed on Time Warner Cable channel 99 at 6:30 pm on Tuesdays.
  • Greeters are scheduled to man the handi cap entrance to help those who need assistance and to welcome visitors each Sunday
  • Our Visitor/Guest table is supplied with many free books and other material to help guest build their relationship with Jesus Christ

If you have any questions or are interested in being involved in this ministry, the contact person is Gwyn Caldwell 315 336 4381 or